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Our history,
your special moments.

Welcome to our farmhouse, a summary of a dynamic and family-run business in which we all collaborate for a single purpose: to welcome our guests as if they were family.

Our products are personally looked after from the beginning of the supply chain to the table at which you are seated.

Let us advise you: we will be able to welcome you in the best possible way by telling you our story and suggesting the best dishes to suit your tastes!

We will explain to you from time to time what is available: we cannot always have everything available, but we will always have something that will satisfy you!

In case of special needs, intolerances or allergies, please let us know when booking so that we can serve you better.

Price list

Our menu will be explain personally. We can satisfy specific requests if they are made at the time of booking!

Starters €11

Classic Tartare €7

Special Tartare €11

Carpaccio €10

Different taste of raw meat €16

Cuts from the beside €4.8/hg

Sirloin, Picahna, Marinated cuts €5.2/hg

Cuts from the Shulder and Nek €3.8/hg

Flank, Diaphragm,

Tomahawk neck €4/hg

Beef Ribs €5.5/hg

Fiorentine (T-Bone) €6.2/hg

Homemade pasta with sauces €8

Lasagne, crepes €8.50

Side dishes €3/portion

Dry sweets €4

Spoon desserts €6.50

Desserts of the day €9

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