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Our family and farm...

Let me tell you a story…

When Carla and Alessandro met, they shared a passion for agriculture and a dream: building their own family farm.

Forty years later … this dream has come true!

Along with their son and daughter, Gianbattista and Francesca, the estate started to grow. Alessio and Elena, their spouses are now a part of the family business where everyone has their duties.

One of nonna Carla’s special moments is English Time with our children: Ettore, Aurora, Gioele, and Elisabetta… our hope for the future.


Where are we?

You find us in the “BUFFER ZONE” of the UNESCO heritage site, near the “CORE ZONE”: a position between the Dolomites and famous art cities, not least of all Venice.

The family estate has its headquarters in Vittorio Veneto, 60 km from Venice and 80 km from Cortina.

The property is split in two areas: one on the banks of lake Negrisiola in an 18th century borough called “Borgo Piaia”, the other located in a borough called “Borgo Maren”.

You are very welcome to visit our unique and diverse estate with our big vegetable garden, vast vineyards, and farm animals.

We raise “Chianina” and “Piemontese “cows and “Cinta Senese” pigs, ducks, together with hens and a few donkeys.

In “Borgo Maren” come to our agriturismo farm restaurant, well known for our grilled beef and homegrown organic vegetables, and why not? Enjoy a stay in one of our cozy apartments.

We use part of our grapes to make our Prosecco DOC Brut and Extra Dry... come and taste a glass in our farm restaurant!

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